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Day 3 - Monday, June 21 – Leesburg, Virginia

Day 3 - Monday, June 21Leesburg, Virginia

Leaving Charleston, we see large Carnival Cruise ship getting ready for departure.
Interstate-26 picks up inside of town and takes us 40+ miles northeast to I-95. We resume northward through South and North Carolinas. Into Virginia. Danielle called inquiring about our progress. “Soon be there,” I reply to which she responds she’ll skip pilates class to have dinner ready for us.
A minute or two later it dawns on Renate and me how silly that is. I call her back to say we’re fine and she should keep some normalcy in her life even with guests.

The I-495. D.C. Beltway. Tricky looping with construction to get to the Dulles Greenway (toll road) to Leesburg, Va. and to the home of Peter and Danielle. Less than 2 minutes from the “Greenway”, the house is beautifully perched on a hill of the 2.5 acre property which also has a pond and a small barn.
We zoomed up on the hill onto the grass to avoid 4 steep, authentic rock (i.e., uneven) steps.
Renate near Danielle's side door

Danielle used to be married to a fellow PBL student, Paul – whom Renate and I both know. They remain close. Their son Alex is now 22? and interning for Danielle’s non-profit group: POGO - Project on Government Oversight. ( Alex was staying this week with his father. Another PBL alumna Kim J. has a son about same age as Alex – also interning at POGO.
Among other things, POGO looks at misuse of Federal funds. Both Renate and I saw Danielle on evening news a year ago. Her group helped protect whistle-blowers from Black Hawk firm that provided security to US Baghdad embassy. There were reports of excessive partying at government expense. 
Her husband, Peter, is also a respected government/political investigator in the D.C. area.
Danielle and Peter have a daughter, Emma, whose summer-time friends kept her mostly out of our sight in the large, rambling house - which was begin in ?1750.

Danielle arrived and - constantly talking - created a chicken pasta dish in 20 minutes that was remarkably good. Secret’s in the sauce she says, sneaking a brand name to Renate.
We caught up on things about Danielle - much already described above.  

Here’s an odd one: Emma’s instances of impossible deja vues. Past lives? Hmm.

Danielle got to catch up on Renate, who dutifully handed out the "business card" of Axel, her "significant other". 

Renate proudly spoke of his looks and his photographic and writing talents - bits of which are viewable at (Think: "I be a writer".) Here are a couple of copy/pastes from it.
Above: Homepage header for

Below: Header of the "Writing" page.

Tomorrow: Ren & Schu take Washington.

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